Nomads, sailors, adventurers

Meet the tribe:

Lourdes and Jaad met in Cape Verde while each was on their own journey sailing around the world. They fell in love with each other almost immediately. Lourdes is Spanish and Jaad is French-Moroccan so, evidently, the medley of the two is the most precious little human, Dunia, who now at 3 years old, can impart on any grown-up lesson on the essence of life! Life on the ocean will do that to humans, it sharpens your senses early on as you’re living at the mercy of nature day in and day out.   This beautiful crew lives aboard a 47-foot GybSea.  They can host 4 guests sleeping comfortably in 2 double cabins. There’s 2 heads for all to share. They’ve been sailing around the globe for over 8 years, and now spend their days hunting and gathering around the Polynesian islands. An experience with them will be enriching not just because they are great cooks, sing and play instruments together beautifully, and just have the most contagious smiles, but because they are true kind-hearted souls, who’ve chosen a life of constant discovery, and will share that passion with you by welcoming you into their floating home.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic   



Sarah, Renato and Feijao are a happy family from Brazil.  They are fulfilling their dream of sailing around the world aboard their 44ft Lagoon catamaran.  They started in Croatia in 2015, sailed across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and finally in 2018 they crossed the Pacific Ocean until they reached French Polynesia.  Sarah loves to kite-surf, dive, and paddle.  Renato is a huge surfer, so we don't see them leaving the South Pacific anytime soon. Both with backgrounds in corporate careers, they decided to ditch the 9-5 for a more rewarding existence. Renato got his MBA at Wharton, while Sarah has a degree from the Les Roches International School of Hospitality, and has over 15 years experience in the field. In order to make the family complete, they adopted Feijao, the most adorable bull terrier at sea.  Feijao is a huge internet sensation, so if you stay with these guys, you'll be in the presence of a celebrity for sure!  CHECK OUT THIS BOAT

Marc is a lifetime sailor who’s sailed the Med forever, has across the Atlantic six times, went all over the Caribbean and just recently left French Polynesia to discover the rest of the South Pacific.  Needless to say, the guy has racked up more nautical miles than imaginable. He is a true seafarer and what’s great about it is that he still loves it. He was a sailing instructor for many years too, so this is a boat where you can learn the nitty gritty of sailing, if you so choose to.  Marc is of a quiet yet charming demeanor. He’s a man of nature; when not sailing he’s on land hiking, exploring, hunting. His partner Lourdes shares his passion for travel and has found that sailing is the perfect vessel for world travel. Super curious about other cultures and specifically food, she delights in finding new flavors to entertain her taste buds. Their boat is a 44-foot Jeanneau, with 3 double cabins and 2 bathrooms for up to 6 guests. Though originally from Spain, they also speak English proficiently and can get by in French. 

 +507 6753-6739