Nomads, sailors, adventurers

Meet the tribe:

Lourdes and Jaad met in Cape Verde while each was on their own journey sailing around the world. They fell in love with each other almost immediately. Lourdes is Spanish and Jaad is French-Moroccan so, evidently, the medley of the two is the most precious little human, Dunia, who now at 3 years old, can impart on any grown-up lesson on the essence of life! Life on the ocean will do that to humans, it sharpens your senses early on as you’re living at the mercy of nature day in and day out.   This beautiful crew lives aboard a 47-foot GybSea.  They can host 4 guests sleeping comfortably in 2 double cabins. There’s 2 heads for all to share. They’ve been sailing around the globe for over 8 years, and now spend their days hunting and gathering around the Polynesian islands. An experience with them will be enriching not just because they are great cooks, sing and play instruments together beautifully, and just have the most contagious smiles, but because they are true kind-hearted souls, who’ve chosen a life of constant discovery, and will share that passion with you by welcoming you into their floating home.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic   




Captain Andrea lived many years in Italy as a very successful artist, poet and recreational pilot. Selling everything in 2012 to buy his boat, he left all he knew behind and began a new adventure on the ocean. Andrea is a licensed captain. Having sailed on this ship all the way from Italy, making over 17,000 nautical miles, he knows how to handle the 50ft boat. A fantastic chef, Andrea never fails to impress guests with fancy Italian dishes, especially when they include fresh fish caught that day. Andrea speaks Italian, Spanish, French and English. The second mate is Andrea's brother Fabio, who is a great host as well. Very accommodating and fun! They have a kayak, a paddle board and snorkeling gear for 8 guests! 




Andrea Pestarini and Kikka are famous Italian lifetime sailors and authors of multiple books on life aboard and the different places they've visited. They have sailed around the world many times aboard different boats, and are now on their way to the South Pacific islands, Patagonia and Antarctica for the 2nd time. If you have a chance to sail with this crew, you'll have the experience of a lifetime! 



 +52 55 4077 0206